Train derailments are increasing…..Is Modi taking the issue seriously or should we get extra-scared now to travel in a train?

Festival of Stories

Festival of Stories- at Cubbon Park Metro Station.
This event was held on 23rd October , 2016. A Sunday where people geared up to attend this interesting event instead of lying lazily on their beds. It was first of it’s kind. Something different to be seen at any Metro Station. There were students from Shrishti School of arts and Design , Bangalore and independent artists from all over the world. A lot of activities , experiments and art was schowcased and performed in the event . Watch the slideshow to get the feel in case you missed the event.
An Audio Slideshow.

It’s harsh…..

Not only north-easterns, north-Indians too have bitter experiences in Bangalore. Let’s get it to hear from them only!

What’s happening in the lives of the Pourakarmikas of Bangalore this month?

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A Major Irony

It brings a big round of celebration for the Assamese Film Industry as Prastuti Parashar bagged the Best Actress Award for the Assamese film “Mriganabhi” in the 6th Dadsaheb Phalke International Film Festival held in New Delhi recently.It is a glorious moment for her as well as for Assam as this brings a lot of recognition to the Assamese Film Fraternity internationally.

But this achievement cannot overshadow the plight which the industry is facing right now. When I asked some of my Assamese friends, relatives and neighbours, about Mriganabhi, none of them watched it. Thankfully, the number was higher when I asked them if they had heard about the movie. Whether I should call it westernisation or inclination towards Hollywood and Bollywood films,  whenever I go to watch any Assamese Movie, there will be hardly any audience.

The second issue is the number of cinema halls in Assam. Munin Barua , a renowned Assamese Film Director said, “the Government is not taking the matter seriously, they are taking us for granted”. The problem comes when there is no push from the Government to make cinema halls in every region of Assam , due to which no film maker wants to make films as the entire production money goes into waste.An article in Assam Times by Rituparna Goswami illustrates about the ailing Assamese Film Industry.

The Assamese film Industry is dwindling day by day.In order to survive and earn, actors are switching over to theatre and VCD movies.Number of movies are lowering down every year and number of good movies comes in a single digit.This becomes the major irony where an actor gets an honour internationally for an Assamese movie, but the Industry she belongs to is hardly producing any good movie.


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